Gandhi Vs Ambedkar: Sad Media


Yesterday a poll was conducted by CNN-IBN7, on Mr Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar. IBN7 came out with finding that Dr Ambedkar surpasses Gandhi in legacy. It generated a kind of shock for rich Indians including elitist Indian Media. How and why this is a shock to them is important to analyse. Such introspection will track the role of Indian media in Indian human rights movement.

The history stands itself when Indian Media was at highest level critical of Dr Ambedkar and ill presented his perona all these years. Dr Ambedkar once said for cast-elitist in India, ‘I am the most hated person for them but it will take time to realize if they protect rights of underprivileged their interests are also protected’ (elite).

In last 60 years, Indian Media held interest in glitz & sensationalism than in societal undercurrents. It is heartbreaking, they even succeeded in keeping international audience at bay from learning violation of Human rights in India. No need to say, treated Dr Ambedkar as ‘untouchable’ over the years, and was kept so much isolated. More often that nought Indian media projected Dr Ambedkar in negative compartmental way. His lifetime involement in brining social justice and world peace is shamelessly rejected. This mounts to a serious crime on part of Indian media.

Another grave misunderstanding (may be a conspiracy), the caste ridden Indian Media propels in minds is delimitiion Dalit terminology only to stipulated section. Fact is that Dalits as a broad concept includes broken people, ‘untoucables’ and subjugated sections, may come from SC/ST/OBC/Muslim/Christian/Buddhist/Sikh background. Buddhists in India are earstwhile ‘untouchables’; comprise major portion of educated Dalit population. People of India must know that Buddhism helped a Dalit in breaking socio-psychological barrier thereby reclaiming entire personality. By taking out the dogmatic and undemocratic gods in mind much harm is done to Indian society. Corrective Moral and scientific reclamation is need of time for all Indians if they want to produce excellent civilisation. Therefore in the absense of many Indians doing so, ex-untoucables are left with giant responsibility of establishing order in civil society.

We saw in Khairlanji that mother Surekha and learned daughter Priyanka did not believe in Godly-superstitions, this was possible due to love for Dr Ambedkar’s philosophy and alliance to humanistic values. Bhotmanges were aware citizens and helped fellow citizen by submitting witness statement to Police. They did not fear in saying truth. The type of scientific temper and constituional awareness they had is quite rare. Such spirit is need of an hour.

It goes without saying that none of the social groups in India can claim custody of 2500 year old buddhist values i.e. liberty, equality and fraternity as they are so universal and immensely beneficial; same is true with the legacy Dr.Ambedkar. His life is nothing but a struggle for values of liberty, equality and fraternity which humanistic.

Today, the matter of biggest worry for people of India is focus on Humanistic issues is cornered off. Indian democracy has big dangers awaiting if Indian media doesnt learn early to focus right issues.

Coming back to the CNN-IBN7 survey, comparing Mr. Gandhi with Dr. Ambedkar is redundant/illogical exercise due to many reasons. Theory and practice indicates that transformational leadership basically prevents formation of sects and allows easy fusion of minds. Transformational leaders leave behind life philosophies. It is unfortunate that Indian Media is engaged in comparing two leaders instead of taking active interest into doing something for rooting social democracy. Indian media is only playing with notions of people to get some commercial millage but hardly touching roots of social sufferings.

In last years of life Mr Gandhi visibly accepted Dr Ambedkar’s leadership when he saw nude dance of religiocentric politcs within Congress circles during post-independence period. He did not survive more to see Dr Ambedkar approach to transform entire Indian society by peaceful means; alas! he was killed by a fanatic Hindu backed by a group which survives today and wins elections. Reason is Media selectively discounts such ill tenancies in the socio-polity.

But creative Indians will not sit back and enjoy the game silently. To challenge media monopoly , they understand role of technology platform. We,at Atrocitynews, feel that blogosphere has wide potential to defy existing Media codes and could contribute towards alternative Media. We are opstimistic that the best solutions would be coming anytime soon as right thoughts shape up right time. Therefore wild ignorance on part of people of India should be zeroed down by educating and sensitising people & Media through online forums, blogs, workshops and conferences.

Here its worth mentioning usage of right terms in transforming people and their attitudes. In same flow, care must be taken in understanding different terms when we talk about social justice. For example, Dalit is a socially qualitative state, Ambedkarism is a thought philosophy, Buddhist is a life practicing ‘liberty equality and fraternity’ values and Indian is a political identity.

Based on same, our editors have suggested some corrections in following IBN7 news peice on Gandhi & Ambedkar (Click here for CNN-IBN POLL). Readers are free to interpret henceforth, due to inability to correct all such news contents by our editors.


CNN-IBN writes..

As the nation commemorated the 50th death anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on Wednesday, over eight lakh (Indians) Dalits paid homage to their great leader at Chaityabhumi in Mumbai.
Most Dalits(Indians) see Ambedkar as their true leader—someone who challenged the very basis of the caste system unlike other national leaders—notably Gandhi—who they claim followed a middle path.
At a time when India is seeing a people resurgence, Ambedkar seems to have hogged all the attention. To discuss the contentious issue on CNN-IBN’s Face the Nation, was a panel which included Jabbar Patel, director of the biopic of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar; Tushar Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s great grandson and Professor Mridula Mukherjee, historian and Director of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.
Has Ambedkar’s legacy proved more durable than that of Gandhi?

Ambedkar’s popularity is at an all time high. But the fact is the legacy itself is frayed — exposing a dichotomy, a paradox. There were vigorous debates over Ambedkar and Gandhi through the ‘30s and ‘40s. At the end of the day, the Gandhian idea of ‘a human society’ seems to have lost out to the Ambedkar’s more revolutionary idea of ‘social justice at all costs’.
Though we can learn from both Ambedkar and Gandhi, the fact remains that Ambedkar’s statues outnumber Gandhi or perhaps that of any other leader’s in India .
Neither on October 2 nor on January 30 do eight lakh people visit Gandhi’s samadhi as we find in case of Ambedkar. What is it that really distinguishes the two?
“Both were great in their own respect and in their own ways. But it was Ambedkar’s work that gave Dalits a status of human beings and a sense of equality and power. There is a vast group that worships Ambedkar as a deity. It is no surprise to see eight lakh Dalits reaffirming faith in him on his 50th anniversary,” Tushar Gandhi said.
Is that the reason why in the 21st century Mahatma is revered in various ways but is not seen as a deity while Ambedkar has become God?
“Ambedkar has become a deity only for the Harijans (Bahujan) who were persecuted and not even treated as human beings by the Hindu community. It was Ambedkar who gave them a sense of belonging, power and status in the society. His becoming a deity was bound to happen,” said Tushar Gandhi.
Has Ambedkar been reduced to a mere statue?
Ambedkar gave Dalits many Indians a sense of status, power, and self-respect, but in the process, has Ambedkar been reduced to a mere statue? Perhaps he has become a mute witness to what he sees around himself. Is that the tragedy of Ambedkar?
“Statue is just the symbol. He was the man who gave an identity to human beings deprived and exploited for a thousand years. Though we have a political struggle going on, we have forgotten that Ambedkar was the one who gave India its very first constitution. His relevance is much more than just being a Dalit leader,” said Jabbar Patel.
Lage Raho Munnabahi—recent commercial Bollywood film discovered Mahatma at a popular level. Does Ambedkar too needs be discovered at a popular level?
Several films have been made on Ambedkar’s life but would ever a film on the Dalit the leader get the same appeal as Lage Raho Munnabahi—the film that took Gandhigiri to the common man—did?
“To me Lage Raho Munnabahi is too much a romanticised version of the whole Gandhian philosophy. Dr Ambedkar’s philosophy is much deeper than that. Ambedkar did not just talk about Dalits, but he also spoke about human rights,” said Jabbar Patel.
One thing is clear, perhaps it’s much more difficult to make a film on Ambedkar than on Gandhi.
“When I made a film on Ambedkar, I realised it’s indeed difficult to do depict his ideas and achievements in their true light. My film took one-and-half- years to be released in the country due to censorship issues. In this country, it is extremely difficult to portray Ambedkar’s philosophy in its true sense,” said Patel.
Ambedkar remains a contentious and controversial figure—but perhaps that is what makes him also a fascinating figure to be studied about.
What do Gandhi and Ambedkar mean to the contemporary India ?
“There was a process of contention and reconciliation between Ambedkar and Gandhi. Ambedkar was not a member of the Congress. Then how did he get the role of framing the constitution in the Assembly? It was actually the Congress leaders—Nehru, Gandhi and Patel—who gave him this role,” said Professor Mridula Mukherjee.( this is completely wrong)
In today’s India , where the image of militancy within Dalits has (suffering consciousness) become dominant, how can it be reconciled with what Mahatma spoke of – trying to break down the upper caste opposition to unsociability and caste system?
Had Mahatma been alive, what message could he have given the Dalit youth(Indian) who swear by Ambedkar and practice a form of militancy in his name?
“Bapu would have admired the fierce spirit of Dalit youth (Indian) who have been demanding their rights. However, he would not have accepted the violent means that they have adopted. What happened in Maharashtra a few days ago was not a demonstration of anger, but an outcome of frustration of the Dalit community(Indian). The leaders who exist for Dalits (indians) today are exploitative and opportunistic. They do not voice the opinion of the Dalit community(Indian). community at all. These leaders have become more like an upper-caste exploitative lot themselves,” said Tushar Gandhi.
Perhaps the anger and frustration that set afire two train in Maharashtra a few days ago was an outcome of the exploitative and opportunistic leadership that Dalits (Indians)have been given in to today.
Has the intellectual legacy of Ambedkar been lost?
“Ambedkar’s contribution to the country in the form of writings on human rights was extraordinary. The kind of Constitution he wrote for this country—the lengthiest Constitution in this world—is a feat that most people in this county have forgotten,” said Patel.
The phenomenal writings of Ambedkar have been an intellectual legacy for our country. Has the exploitative (Indian) dalit leadership today lost that legacy somewhere? As Tushar Gnadhi points out, it is this opportunistic leadership that has left Dalit youth as a frustrated lot.
“Whether we talk of Gandhi, Ambedkar or any other great legacy, a lot depends on the contemporary leadership. How the present day leaders link up those legacies and transmit them to the present generations or if they use them as mere icons, is something that matters,” said Professor Mukherjee.
The intellectual bankruptcy of the Dalit leaders is imminent and palpable. While eight lakh Dalit leaders visit Chaityabhumi on Ambedkar’s anniversary, not one of them realises the intellectual bankruptcy that they all suffer from today.
Ambedkar, more than being a Dalit icon figure, was someone who asked them to educate, organise and agitate. Dalits today must consider whether their leadership or they themselves have really lived up to the ideals of Dr Ambedkar.
Final Verdict: Has Ambedkar’s legacy proved more durable than that of Gandhi?
81 per cent of the viewers said ‘yes it has’ and 19 per cent of them said ‘no’.
Perhaps Ambedkar’s legacy needs to be re-looked and rediscovered to understand it in its true form. Remember Babasaheb said, “Social democracy and political democracy must go hand-in-hand. And that can happen only if we manage to create a truly equitable society.”
Thanks and Congratz to all..

41 Responses to “Gandhi Vs Ambedkar: Sad Media”

  1. 1 pradip

    This topic is not correct for following reasons:

    1) Gandhi was from rich modhi baniya community, Ambedkar from poor mahar ati shudra community.
    2) Gandhi took 10 minutes to reach his fathers dead body from his room to his fathers room, Ambedkar took 20 hrs to reach his dying father from Baroda to Mumbai.
    4) Gandhi was Matric barrister (No Degree, like diploma of today) while Ambedkar was Doctorate barrister (eight degrees).
    5) Gandhi served as major in South African Army before practicing Law in SA, Ambedkar taught as professor in Sydneham College before practicing Law in Mumbai.
    6) Gandhi worte “My experiments with truth”, Ambedkar’s writings are still being published in 28 volumes. They say 42 volumes will not be enough.
    7) Gandhi had Birlas & Goenkas with him to give monetary support for his movement. Ambedkar had only Pawar & Naval Bhetna to give him loan for purchasing books.
    8) Gandhi built ashram for khadi gram udyog, Ambedkar built house for keeping books and built colleges for dalits.
    9) Gandhi practiced indriya control (as written in his bio), Ambedkar married second time for health reason.
    10) Gandhi did not advocate reservation for OBC, Ambedkar resigned from ministry for OBC reservation.
    11) Gandhi is not responsible for partition . Tilak and Jinah had passed this resolution in 1917 itself. Ambedkar did not divide India into caste , it is done through texts like Manusmriti, Purush Sukta, Tatriya Brahman etc.
    12) Gandhi was killed by circumcisioned Nathuram Godse , Ambedkar died in sleep (debate).
    13) Gandhi was fond of spinning cotton, Ambedkar was fond of reading Books.
    14) Gandhi claimed to be leader of harijans and showed 2 telegrams in 2nd round table conference, Ambedkar did not claim to be leader of harijans but showed thousand telegrams in the same meeting.
    15) Gandhi refused to give equal human status to Shudras and advocated 4 varna (vertical) system, Ambedkar committed his life for equal human status to Shudras and asked Gandhi if he can give the same 4 varna (horizontal) system. Gandhi denied.
    16) Gandhi described Shudras as harijans (Children of God) but did not describe upper caste as children of whom. Ambedkar said that calling Shudras as harijans means the same.
    17) Gandhi could do all work with help of many prominent leaders and moneyed people, Ambedkar did all things single-handedly.
    18) Gandhi never fought election. Ambedkar lost lok sabha election to 7th pass congress candidate But he won Rajya Sabha election from Jasor & Khulna dist of Bengal, and because of which these districts were given to bangle desh considering the prople of this places as defectors to congress.
    19) Gandhi went on fast to death in Poona against empowerment of so called his harijans. Ambedkar in reluctance signed the Poona pact and saved his life.

    So pl there is no comparison

    • 2 sachin

      Dear Mr.Pradeep,
      really poor thought you don’t know about the Indian history you have know as well as only Gandi and nehru’s “Bharat Ek Khoz” without any proof or evidence.
      Mr.Ghandi call to Harijan our Indian brother i here ask you why not Mr.gandhi call to only Indian and why Mr.Gandhi against the Poona ACT. Mr.Gandhi agree to SEPARATE act to Muslim but why not to Dalit or Buddhist.
      I 100% sure you are not a proud (i hope you not aware) to our Empire Ashok, Empire Bimbisar, Empire Harshvardhan,Empire Bruhadhdhrath,Empire Milind. you people think always negative.about the reservation i tel you in USA government give reservation to American Negroes not only government sector but also privet sector that the reason of USA is power full in word.
      our Indian constitution great in word.our constitution is one of
      the power full constitution in word because of all religions,Cast staying in peacefully.
      you are my brother so i tel you please understood the what is this Dr.Ambedkar and what he doing.

      Jai Bhim JAI BHARAT

      Thanks & Regards

      Sachin Padelkar

      • 3 Nitin

        Dear Sachin,

        I would say

        “A true Ambedkarite will never appreciate Gandhi because of many things and one of these are Poona Pact.”

        If you really want understand the above line enhance your understading about Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar & his mission for the depressed classes.

    • 4 Nitin

      Dear Pradeep,

      Really great job done. Thanks.

    • 5 vijay

      dear pradeep great broad and diverse analysis.millions of thanks for that.
      if possible plz compare in detail with respect to gandhis contribution to humanity Vs Dr.Ambedkars (include incidents/actions taken by them)

  2. Excellent Mr.Pradip,
    what an outstanding and scholarly dissection of who is who to find out the sear POWER & Magnanimity of our Father Ambedkar.

    Would you mind writing 3 more points along this line to make it to number 22 (like the 22 vows of Dr.BR), I would like to put this as a 22 brilliant steps Dr.BR took to save the nation and a person called Gandhi.

    In respect to your knowledge,

  3. ewll m a stounch suporter of equality and humanism believe in 1 god n all human being d same

  4. well gandhi is far backward frm dr. ji s. thinking n his polices kike if ghandi is a saint to india dr. ambedkar is god so u cud understand wea ghandi stand…..

  5. 9 Abhijeet Sonawane

    When I read this first in IBN, to me it sound again a business plan where you play with emotions of ppl and get sms and earn paisa nway we can not help that.
    But Pradip the points that you gave are really good. Keep it up 🙂

  6. 10 ashwin ukey

    The comparision between the two legends do not hold any specific point to compare as suggested by pradip but it is clear that Dr. Ambedkar faced more struggle than Gandhiji.

  7. A very detailed analysis, but before making any conclusions we should have a deep knowledge about the two great legends of our country.Its unfair to compare the two leaders as they r unique in their thoughts and philosophy. we see ambedkar representing the oppressed sections and gandhi being more conservative in his outlook.

    pradeep viewpoints r excellent

  8. 12 vikas kundal

    very gud pradeep. jai bheem.
    you have really gud knowledge of baba sahib.
    jai bheem.

  9. 13 bhanu pratap singh

    gandhiji never called dalits as dalits,he always said that they are harijons i.e.childs of god or people of god. but dr. Ambedkar was the person who called them dalits.acc. to the hindu system caste are divided in four psrts i.e.brahmin,kshtriya.vaisya.sudras. Dr. Ambedkar wanted that all dalits should adopt the budhdhist religion so that any one can’nt call them dalit.But gandhiji didn’t want to separate them from the Hindu Religion. If sudras had separated then vaisya became lower caste.and the works of sudras have to do by vaisyas. This was gandhiji never likes.

    • 14 Badhan

      Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, what do you mean by the child of God . The Untouchables (Dalits) are not the children of God. They are not Harijans. Correct your self. All the Untouchables (Dalits) are the Natural children of their parents i.e. mother and father. They are the citizens of India. They are Human beings. Mr. Mahatma Gandhi was the “Enemy No One” of the Untouchables (Dalits ) of India.

  10. 15 Balveer singh Tomar

    ambedkar was very clever man. dalits called him masiha but actually he was not a good man.he was the person by which our politics is affecting, our living system is affecting.He gave high reservation to s.c. &s.t.but never do anything for the general category.he gave the horijontal reservation provision to s.c. 7s.t. in our constitution.Our constitution must be change for atleast once so that a new constitution will be made which should be in favour of all indian citizens not only the s.c.&s.t.

    • 16 Shrikant

      Bal bir singh tomar,Apne soch ka dayara badha.Padhai kar bhai.kuch kitabe kharidneke liye paise nahi hai to muzse lele.

      Aur iske bad zara soch ke likho.

    • 17 sachin

      Dear Balveer,
      Pls be understand why Mr.Gandhi against to Poona ACT and Hindu code bill.
      Mr.Gandhi agree to SEPARATE act to Muslim but why not to Dalit or Buddhist.
      Mr.Gandhi is not only politician person but also businessman (Khadi – Textile).

      Jai Bhim JAI BHARAT

      Thanks & Regards

      Sachin Padelkar

  11. 18 harsh

    balveer singh tomar you are a fool.because you are a general.

  12. 19 Sharad Pande

    Baba aapki kamayi sab ke kam aayi
    gandhi teri kamayi sirf gharane ke kam aayi

  13. 20 vikas

    One thing is obvious that makes Gandhi’s personal character more malinged. He is supposed to have done immoral things with women in his ashrams. There are talks of JP Narayan’s wife in this regard. It is widely known that he mind nothing to have massages from women. All this under the eulogy of ‘Bhramchariya paryog’, did he ever respected his wife on the other he preached non violence strange. If cause of Dalits was so dear to him why he didn’t allow right of self determination so that they get released from Hindu-Hell and form a separate state.

  14. 21 RAkesh Mehmi

    Gandiji fought for the nation but Baba Sahib Fought for the People of the nation. now u decide who is great….?

    • 22 Badhan

      Mr. Mahatma Gandhi fought for Hindu Religion. He wanted to Make Hindu Rashtra. The Untouchables (Dalits) of India are not Hindu. But Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar fought for the people of the nation He ( Dr.Ambedkar ) is a Nation Builder.

  15. 23 Shekhar Kadam

    I truly regret the state of India as it is today, what our great leaders visioned and what have become. I think both Dr. Ambedkar and Gandhi should be left alone since they both are incomparable and frankly tell me which world leader can rival them in terms of intelligence, vision and leadership. Dr. Ambedkar is regarded as a scholar and one of moders histories greatest thinkers while Gandhi is unknown to none. Today leaders get nobel laureates and innumerous awards for work which has already been done many years ago. Gandhi tried to fight external enemies through nonviolence, but Mahatma Phule and Dr Ambedkar eradicated internal parasite which was decaying the very Indian republican state and an internal enemy is the worst. Frankly some people are better left alone because we are too humble to be talking and comparing these greats who can rival any so called world leaders. Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarly status and thinking prowess cannot be matched neither can Gandhi’s ideals broken, and Mahatma Phule I would better not say about him anything, because I am too humble. I think what we can do right now at least try and improvise what they taught rather than indulge in stupid media gimmicks fo garnering TRPs. Remember guys these people gave their lives for India, its their blood not any kind of a joke.. Please respect…………!!!!

    • 24 Nitin

      Dear Shekhar,

      I would say

      “A true Ambedkarite will never appreciate Gandhi because of many things and one of these are Poona Pact.”

      If you really want understand the above line enhance your understading about Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar & his mission for the depressed classes.

  16. 25 Chetan

    I totally agree with mr .kadam. I respect gandhiji a lot. I respect dr BR AMBEDKAR’S ideologies. I wish u were with us today baba. We dalits are still facing the humiliation. We constitute the major population of the nation and are oppressed socially even today. We are in need of a messiah like u. My dear dalit friends. I am a teen yet and will soon put in possible efforts to eradicate our sufferings. I wont mind sacrificing my whole life. My messege to all u people is work harder and achieve your goals. Love u all.

    • 26 Nitin

      Dear Chetan,

      Don’t ask for Babasaheb to come & help us now, he has done his job greatly now it is upon us to complete his uncompleted mission of equality for all human.

  17. 27 Subodh

    Balveer singh Tomar tu yaar padai kar aur bol aur phaltu ki bakwas chod de. Pahele hindu code bill theek tarase pad lena aur phir baki ki kitabe padna. Tuze dhere dhere sab maloom ho jayega pape. oea aur tu jo constitution change karne ki baat kar raha hai na who chod de beta ye tere kaya kisi ke bhi bas ki baat nahi hai. Abe tujhe constitution mein kitne panne hai aur kitne sections hai who tabhi maloom hai kaya. Pahele who pad aur phi apna mooh khol.

    • 28 sachin

      great that’s true

  18. 29 shreya

    i know that no other hindus (Indians) likes ambedkar except who has modern thinking. i found it in my family too, where not only reading about him is not prohibited but also listening and taking his name is also a crime.

    my findings from my experiences as well as thinking about ambedkar and gandhi is…
    All about the hindu families….
    gandhi has been forced to accepted and trusted in all hindu families.
    all families never allow ambedkar in their life also.
    they think that ambedkar is a criminal who accepted their enemy’s religion.
    in high level castes – they taught and still teaching too, that ambedkar is from “untouchable” caste and he doesn’t deserve for anything.
    in low level castes – they are teaching that you can curse ambedkar and gandhi but nudity must be there regarding ambedkar.
    gandhi is greatest person who has done lot of things to nation, but they don’t know more than 3 or 4 points. where ambedkar is so bad person. but here they can’t give proper points.

    gandhi has not been only forced in the family by elders due to castism or bad knowledge of ambedkar but also government helps in this manner. government also showing their intention towards gandhi, just because of gandhi belongs to congress or their religion.

    i found that india is the nation which could be called a secular nation, it would be hindurashtra.

    gandhi has been shown as a “national hero” and ambedkar as a “dalit leader”. and that’s what hindus want. they compressed ambedkar as they want and exposing gandhi so much.

    gandhi has been accepted in hindu families as a “national hero” not in others apart from who are politically connected. whether ambedkar is the soul of all reforming activities. he has been accepted by all who are interested in humanism.
    muslims never accept gandhi as “national hero”, if you are considering muslim religions them it would look like that gandhi is “hindu leader”. but if you take muslims as Indians then you will find that they can trust more on ambedkar than gandhi. this also shows that muslims can trust on other religion person.
    gandhi didn’t do anything for nation, he wanted independence for high level caste as he knew that if ambedkar would get win over here then all high level hindus would get lost their positions in religion. gandhi would be a only soldier who had been made a king to show and spread all faulty and damages things to nation.
    where ambedkar was the selfmade and most reliable person.

    i saw everywhere, ambedkar has been shown as a dalit leader. and this is the only identity i had been taught in my school. where gandhi has been shown as a national hero and greatest reformer of the history. now a days, i am seeing the same.

    i will telling you the truth is that… one who loves india as a nation, they won’t be in Indian for a long time, they will long away from here and will get converted into another religion like my brother (christen, dubai).

    • 30 vijay





  19. 31 drpravin

    great study.pradnya sheel karuna with drambedkar absent in mr gandhi.ideology rules the world and i personaly think THE DAY IS NOT FAR AHEAD IN INDIA WHERE DR AMBEDKAR’S PHILOSOPHY WILL RULE INDIA AND INDIA WILL BE REAL SUPERPOWER.

  20. 32 Dr yash paul kundal

    Ambedkarism is the only way that can lead all the down trodden people to the path of salvation from all the evils prevailing due to the manuwadi mentallity. All the volumes of BABA SAHIB are the holy Granths for liberating the mental and physical slavery which is cultivated right at the time of birth of our people. Pl advice others to read, read and read BABA SAHIB ONLY.

  21. 33 vaibhav dasu waghmare

    If smbdy ask to comment on you, pradip then I will say outstanding

  22. Great !
    Babasaheb Ambedkar!

  23. 35 sachin

    Dear Mr.Pradeep,
    really poor thought you don’t know about the Indian history you have know as well as only Gandi and nehru’s “Bharat Ek Khoz” without any proof or evidence.
    Mr.Ghandi call to Harijan our Indian brother i here ask you why not Mr.gandhi call to only Indian and why Mr.Gandhi against the Poona ACT. Mr.Gandhi agree to SEPARATE act to Muslim but why not to Dalit or Buddhist.
    I 100% sure you are not a proud (i hope you not aware) to our Empire Ashok, Empire Bimbisar, Empire Harshvardhan,Empire Bruhadhdhrath,Empire Milind. you people think always negative.about the reservation i tel you in USA government give reservation to American Negroes not only government sector but also privet sector that the reason of USA is power full in word.
    our Indian constitution great in word.our constitution is one of
    the power full constitution in word because of all religions,Cast staying in peacefully.
    you are my brother so i tel you please understood the what is this Dr.Ambedkar and what he doing.

    Jai Bhim JAI BHARAT

    Thanks & Regards

    Sachin Padelkar

    • 36 Nitin

      Dear Shekhar,

      I would say

      “A true Ambedkarite will never appreciate Gandhi because of many things and one of these are Poona Pact.”

      If you really want understand the above line enhance your understading about Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar & his mission for the depressed classes of India.

  24. 37 ajit vadakayil


    punch into google search CNN IBN GREATEST INDIAN SHAM AWARD – VADAKAYIL.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  25. Mr. Mahatma Gandhi was a fundamentalist Hindu. He was a strong supporter of Varna System & Caste System. Caste & Varna are the mother and father of Untouchability. Varna System and Caste System are the enemies of Society, National Unity, Human Rights & Fundamental Rights, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.


    Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a Humanist, a Secular, a Democrat, a Socialist, a Pillar of National Unity, the Champion of Human Rights, a Strong Supporter of women`s rights, Equality and Freedom and also a Strong Supporter of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.


  26. 39 unknown

    Dr.AMBEDKAR (1891-1956)
    B.A.(Bombay University),MA.(Columbia university), Ph.D. (Columbia University), M.Sc.( London School of Economics),
    D.Sc.( London School of Economics), Barrister-at-Law (Gray’s Inn, London), L.L.D.(Columbia University), D.Litt.( Osmania University).

  1. 1 Ambedkar vs Gandhi at Blogbharti
  2. 2 JATI Hi PUCHHO SADHU KI!Caste names in Bihar Congress list: FIR against Jagdish Tytler, Anil Sharma! « Palashbiswaskl’s Weblog

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