A reply


Pravin B writes in his reply to  Shirish Athawale

 An open Letter to all Hindus who call Ambedkarites as Dalit:

The Hindu given Identity ‘Dalit’ is foolish. How do you define a
Dalit? The Brahmin-Shudra masses can not defing who a Hindu is? How they can
brand only Ambedkarite as Dalit?

As a Buddhist and stauch Ambedkarite I personally believe in the Identities
given by Babasaheb Ambedkar.

1. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) these are people who were
OutSide Hindu Social Order of ChaturVarna. Obviously these were not part of
Shudra’s Religion known as Hinduism. Total population of SC/ST historically who
are not Hindus is around 25% in India.

2.Babasaheb Ambedkar initiated Buddhist Movement to give them and rest all an
Identity and finally he gave ‘BUDDHIST Identity’. Over the past 50 years some
ex-Untouchables are successfully absorbed in Shudra’s Hindu Religion. So people
like Narendra Jadhav worships Hindu Gods and is happy to be a Hindu Shudra like
all other non-priest Hindus (Might be 1 % all India rest all are priests in
Temples whos livelyhood is begging in Temples Or on Ghats of Ganga).

3. About Mr. Shirish Athawale who gave you right to brand any Ambedkarite as
‘Dalit’? There are 25% SC/ST as legally. 0.8% Buddhists in India. It is true
that all SC/ST are not converted to Buddhism so forcefully they are called as
Hindus. Where do you find Dalit and how do you count them? Can Mr. Shirish tell
us who is he?
1. Buddhist?
2. Ambedkarite (Irrespective of religion or caste)?
3. Shudra Hindu? (He is not a priest in any Temple, nor in Indian Military Or a
Businessman so rest 3 options of Hindu ChaturVarna are not applicable to any
Hindu of the world)

————by Pravin

Its very interesting and very clear, what you all say?
keep writing>>

2 Responses to “A reply”

  1. 1 Nishikant

    Rightly explained by you the “Chaturvarna logic” in Hinduism. Applying the logic most of the HINDUS ARE SHUDRAS except for those serving as temple beggers, in Indian army and Businessmen.
    You brought out the very valid point about “Buddhist” and “Ambedkarite” identity.
    The Brahmanic media is purposefully uses the words “Dalit”, “low caste”, “Neo-buddhist” etc.
    They very well understand its the unstoppable wave of “Buddhist” revolution in India started by Bodhisatva Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
    Hats off to you!!

  2. 2 Er. Vijay Orkay

    We suppose to condemn the word “Dalits” and its use by Hindu dominated media. We proudly feel we are Ambedkarites and we are Buddhist.

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