IBN7 objective view


We urge you all to watch the following CNN IBN news analytics on Caste based visible oppressions in India. They are taking serious effort to cover atrocity historicity and analytics in seven day long telecast. Lets wish them best for their research in this area, the hidden area.

Please click  below to watch the INB7 analytics.


Knowing is  the first step towards solution. It would take life time to understand the quantum of physical pains of 2500 years old prejudices ; more than that, it would take ages to feel the unlimited mental pains of inferior social behavior. But lets make a resolution here, we Brothers and sisters,  lets stand against any sort of prejudices henceforth wherever in whatsoever form. Let’s train our minds to be free from captivated forces, plastic moulding mind forces. Let’s be in unison for the decorum of Humanity. We all have potential to be one among the global leaders; forget today’s politicians, let’s reconstruct India make it more beautiful!  Let’s be courageous to challenge the sanctities of religion and preconceived Sanskaras. Let’s keep up the light of fraternity alive throughout the world. Let’s Speak up for those who are denied what they should get lets join hands to take every man there!

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